Cympad Optimizer Cymbal Washers

CYMPAD Optimizer cymbal washers are made from a premium-quality cellular foam material and are a major improvement over conventional felt washers. Consistent in size and density, Optimizers provide superior cymbal suspension plus isolation from stands and mounting hardware — offering modern drummers a better sound and a natural, more comfortable feel in every drumming situation. 40mm in diameter with 8, 12 and 15mm heights for individual cymbals and stacks, Optimizer models also include a 3-piece set for hi-hats and an 18mm version for ride and larger crashes.
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Why use Cympad's Optimizer series?

  • Enhance your Cymbal Response

  • Isolates the Cymbal from Hardware

  • Protects your Cymbal from Breakage

  • Durable and long lasting construction

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How do CYMPAD Optimizer cymbal washers improve upon conventional felt washers?

CYMPAD Optimizer cymbal washers provide superior cymbal suspension and isolation from stands and mounting hardware, offering better sound and a more comfortable feel.

What materials are Cympads made of?

Cympads Optimizers are made from high-density cellular foam, which provides a perfect balance of firmness and flexibility to optimize cymbal performance.

Are Cympads Optimizers compatible with all cymbals and stands?

Yes, Cympads are designed to be universally compatible with all standard cymbal types and stands. They fit most hi-hats, crashes, rides, splashes, and effect cymbals.

How do Cympads affect cymbal longevity?

By reducing direct metal-to-metal contact and minimizing vibration, Cympads can help extend the life of your cymbals and hardware by reducing wear and tear.