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Reto Hirschi, a Swiss professional drummer, sought to address the excessive volume of cymbals during performances and recordings by developing Cympad Moderators, Optimizers, and Chromatics. These products, made from advanced cellular foam, offer sound control, better cymbal suspension, and visual customization. Launched in 2005, Cympad has gained international acclaim, being used by top drummers worldwide.
  • Sound Control

    Control your Drums and Cymbals
  • Enhanced Performance

    Improves Cymbal longevity
  • Customization

    Change both Sound and Appearance

Widely trusted

Commitment to Excellence

Driven by a commitment to address the needs of modern drummers, Cympad has introduced a range of products that improve sound control and visual appeal. With endorsements from top drummers and availability in over 40 countries, Cympad has established itself as a global leader in drum accessories, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance.
  • Used by Drummers Worldwide

  • Offers customizable options for drummers.

  • Preferred choice for live and studio settings

Cympad was born
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Serving Drummers Worldwide

Fueled by a dedication to serve drummers worldwide, Cympad is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that elevate drumming experiences. With a focus on enhancing sound quality and aesthetic appeal, our products are trusted by top drummers and enthusiasts alike

Our Mission

Cympad provides drummers worldwide with innovative solutions, addressing their evolving needs on stage, in the studio, or at home.

Our Vision

Cympad aims to be the global leader in drum accessories, setting standards for sound control, performance enhancement, and visual customization.