CYMPAD Moderator cymbal pads provide the consistency and dependability of CYMPAD’s advanced cellular foam material while reducing cymbal volume and unwanted overtones, controlling sustain and increasing articulation. Available in a choice of 6 sizes, Moderators offer a full range of options for incremental tone control of cymbals in rehearsal, recording and performance and are highly recommended for practice rooms and teaching studios, as well.
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Why use Cympad's MOderator series?

  • Protects your Cymbals from Breakage

  • Control your Cymbal sound

  • Reduce unwanted overtones

  • Durable and long lasting construction

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What benefits do CYMPAD Moderator cymbal pads provide?

CYMPAD Moderator cymbal pads reduce cymbal volume and unwanted overtones, control sustain, and increase articulation.

Where are CYMPAD Moderator cymbal pads particularly recommended for use?

CYMPAD Moderator cymbal pads are highly recommended for practice rooms, teaching studios, rehearsals, recording sessions, and performances.

Are Cympads Chromatics compatible with all cymbals and stands?

Yes, Cympads are designed to be universally compatible with all standard cymbal types and stands. They fit most hi-hats, crashes, rides, splashes, and effect cymbals.

How do Cympads affect cymbal longevity?

By reducing direct metal-to-metal contact and minimizing vibration, Cympads can help extend the life of your cymbals and hardware by reducing wear and tear.