Cympad Shark

The gated drum damper enhances the attack while keeping the tone of the drum. The Shark’s exclusive hinged design allows the device to float on the playing surface— subtly reducing the volume and resonance by reacting to the intensity of the stroke. Rugged, re-useable, plastic carrying case, included.
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Why use Cympad's Undertone series?

  • Enhances the attack of your Drum

  • Removes unwanted overtones

  • Comes with rugged, reusable case

  • Durable and long lasting construction

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Cympad Shark

€16,04 EUR
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What is the purpose of the CYMPAD Shark gated drum damper?

The CYMPAD Shark enhances the attack while maintaining the tone of the drum by subtly reducing volume and resonance based on the intensity of the stroke.

How does the design of the CYMPAD Shark work?

The CYMPAD Shark features an exclusive hinged design that allows it to float on the playing surface, reacting dynamically to the drummer's stroke intensity.

How does the CYMPAD Shark affect the drum's sound?

The CYMPAD Shark subtly reduces the volume and resonance of the drum, enhancing the attack while preserving the drum's tone.

Can the CYMPAD Shark be reused?

Yes, the CYMPAD Shark is reusable and includes a carrying case to keep it protected when not in use.